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Meet The Team


Diane Buchanan (she/her)


Elexis Schloss (she/her)



Dr. Kaili Hoffart (she/her)

Physician Lead 

I am passionate about Women’s Health and got involved with the CAPE program as I wanted the opportunity to give back to my community and share my love of IUDs. My early career as a military physician sparked my interest in women’s health as I was one of the only female physicians on base at CFB Edmonton.  I learned to do IUD insertions for the military patients and have since gone on to insert thousands of IUDs through CAPE and my home practice at the Shifa Medical Clinic. I am very grateful to the mentors I have had throughout my career who have taught me about compassion in medicine. I look forward to identifying new opportunities to serve various populations in the community and to identifying opportunities to address inequities and provide trauma-informed care to patients. I love spending time doing anything outdoors and travelling. I also love dogs, and often have a furry friend join my for my clinic work.

Dr. Fabiola Diaz Carvallo (she/her)

Clinic Lead 


Jane Johnston (she/they)

Intake and Outreach Lead 

I am currently studying Psychology and Women's Gender Studies at the University of Alberta. Once I finish my degree, I hope to pursue medicine. At the U of A, I volunteer with the Landing and am a current member of the 2SLGBTQ+ Advisory Committee that works to make campus a safer and more inclusive place for Queer students. I am passionate about fighting for equality and equity for all, and I am proud to do that through CAPE. I am excited to be part of CAPE as we continue to make sexual healthcare barrier free and inclusive for all.

Ryleigh Vanderschee (she/her)

Outreach Team Member and Website Designer

PHOTO-2022-02-18-11-47-58 2.jpg

I am currently a medical student at the University of Alberta, and before that I completed a Bachelor of Science in Biology at the King's University. After I graduated, I worked as a stroke research coordinator and as a respite worker for kids with autism. I am so excited to be a part of CAPE as it is truly a combination of all the things i am passionate about: inner-city health, 2SLGBTQ+ health, advocating for individuals facing barriers in the healthcare system, and sexual health and education. I am excited about the future of CAPE and to help in whatever way I can to reduce the barriers individuals face when accessing healthcare.


Shruti Shah (she/her)

Outreach Team Member

I am a medical student at the University of Alberta. Prior to starting medicine, I completed a Bachelor of Science with specialization in Cell Biology and a year in the Doctor of Pharmacy Program at the U of A. I am greatly interested in the area of reproductive health and passionate about increasing affordable access to contraception for all individuals from all backgrounds. In the past, I have pursued this interest by being involved in maternal health research and working to improve outcomes for fetuses born from complicated pregnancies. I am truly excited to work with the amazing team at CAPE and build stronger outreach, provide free contraception for a larger demographic, and increase awareness within the area of sexual and reproductive health.

Jaslyn Rasmuson (she/her)

Outreach Team Member


I am a medical student at the University of Alberta. I also work as a Child and Youth Support Care Worker, providing respite care for families who have children with disabilities. I completed a Bachelor of Science in Honours Physiology in 2021 where I had the opportunity to do a research project about women's health outcomes. This sparked my interest in pursuing women's health in my career and inspired me to join the CAPE team. I am passionate about improving access to contraception and advocating for groups ho face barriers in accessing safe and reliable contraception. I am eager to be a part of the CAPE clinic and help with outreach in order to support the reproductive health and choices of people with uteruses. 


Julia Craig (she/her)

Outreach Team Member

I have a Bachelor of Science in Honors Neuroscience at the University of Alberta, and am currently a medical student at the U of A. My background experiences include working as a day camp leader for children with disabilities and as a hockey and soccer instructor. I also have experience working with the non-profit Compassion House Foundation which supports rural women who are undergoing cancer treatment. I am really excited to be joining CAPE as a medical student to learn more about reproductive health and help Edmontonians access free sexual health care. Reducing barriers to accessing health care is something I am really passionate about. We have some incredible projects for CAPE planned, and I am really excited to be a part of the team!

Jhanvi Mehta (she/her)

Outreach Team Member


I'm a first year medical student at the University of Alberta. Before starting medicine, I completed a B.Sc. in Neuroscience at the University of Lethbridge. My previous experiences include working in a lab studying the effects of high-CBD cannabis on stroke recovery in a rodent model, as well as being a martial arts instructor for kids and adults. I'm most passionate about projects that aim to reduce barriers around accessing healthcare, providing care to disadvantaged populations, and educating the community about reproductive health! CAPE supports all of these goals, which is why I'm so thrilled to join their outreach team and help support the healthcare of people who have uteruses!

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