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Frequently Asked Questions

Common IUD Concerns

1) Possible discomfort or pain during procedure

Inserting the IUD usually only takes a matter of minutes, and most people get through the procedure with minimal discomfort. If you do feel discomfort, it will usually not last long and will feel like mild to moderate period cramping. We also recommend taking some pain medication before the procedure to reduce the discomfort you may feel. 

2) Risk of perforation or infection

The risk of perforation (when the IUD pokes into or through the uterus) and infection are EXTREMELY RARE - there is only approximately a 1 in 1000 chance of this happening. If it were to happen it is not likely to cause long term harm, but we would have to remove the IUD. Additionally, perforations typically occur with more inexperienced doctors. So you can take comfort in the fact that our doctor, Dr. Hoffart, is very experienced with inserting IUDs!  

3) Ectopic Pregnancies

Ectopic pregnancies (when a fertilized egg starts growing in a location outside of the uterus such as the fallopian tubes) are also EXTREMELY RARE. While using hormonal IUDs there is a 0.02% of getting pregnant, and with copper IUDs there is a 0.08% of getting pregnant. Of those pregnancies a higher percent of them are ectopic when compared to no birth control. However, the overall risk of having an ectopic pregnancy is much lower if you have an IUD than if you have any other form of birth control or no birth control at all. So although ectopic pregnancies are still possible if you have an IUD, the risk is much much lower!

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