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Benefits of an IUD

1) Most effective form of birth control

Compared to other forms of birth control IUDs have the highest success rate of preventing unwanted pregnancy!

2) Convenient

You don’t have to remember to take pills at the same time everyday or remember to renew prescriptions.

3) Discreet

No one will know you have an IUD unless you tell them, including your partner, family members, parents, or guardians. CAPE is a completely confidential service and we will not share any of your information with anyone else unless you ask us to. It is up to you how much or how little you want to tell others! Additionally, you do not need anyone else's permission to get an IUD - the choice is completely up to you!

4) Long term solution

An IUD will effectively prevent pregnancy for up to 8 years! After 5 years is over, you would need to get the IUD removed and replaced for your IUD to continue to be an effective form of birth control.

5) Easily reversible and will not impact future fertility

You are able to get your IUD removed at any point after your IUD has been inserted, no questions asked. Once your IUD has been removed, you will be able to become pregnant just as easily as you were able to before you had your IUD.

6) Hormones are locally acting

Unlike most other forms of birth control, the hormones associated with the hormonal IUD predominantly act on the  uterus and do not circulate in your blood throughout your entire body. For example, taking a birth control pill is similar to  swallowing a spoonful of hormone - this hormone circulates throughout your entire body and has the ability to effect all of your organs. Whereas, an IUD is like putting only one grain of a hormone directly into your uterus - this hormone predominately acts just in the uterus and does not affect your other organs. This is why many people experience less side effects when using an IUD compared other forms of birth control.

7) Lighter periods

With the hormonal IUD (not the copper one) many people experience lighter periods or that their period disappears completely. Having lighter periods can be a first step for individuals seeking gender affirming care and can also be used to reduce a person’s risk of anemia (low iron in blood). Even if one is not currently sexually active or worried about getting pregnant - these reasons alone are why many people  choose to get an IUD.

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