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Consent and Confidentiality

We recognize that many vulnerable and marginalized individuals - including BIPOC, those suffering mental illness and addictions, and those suffering extreme poverty - have been the target of forced sterilization and other reproductive injustices.

At CAPE, we are a pro-choice organization, at all decision making stages of an individual’s reproductive life. We will refer our clients to the medical services of their choice to receive requested reproductive and gynecological care. We will not put pressure on any client to make a decision that they are not fully comfortable with and informed on, including placing an IUD or Nexplanon, terminating a pregnancy, or keeping a pregnancy. People who come to us for an IUD or Nexplanon are free to change their mind at any point before, during, or after the procedure.

AT CAPE, privacy and confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. We will not share any information about you, your inquiries, your visit, or your medical history with anyone - not even family members, parents, guardians, partners, caregivers, or other physicians - without your explicit consent. You do not need your parents or partners (or anyone else's beside your own) consent to make inquiries or access contraception.

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